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Vikrell. Quick. Clean. Tough.

Bath and kitchen products made of solid Vikrell® install in minutes, wipe clean with ease and stand up to daily life. And they do it with fresh style that fits your life.


Installs in minutes.

  • Click into place

    Click into Place Interlocking panels simply click into place

  • Lightweight

    Lightweight Even bath/shower pieces can be carried easily by one person

  • Modular Design

    Modular Design Pieces are easy to transport and maneuver into place

  • Caulkless

    Caulkless Caulkless Accord showers and bath/showers significantly reduce installation time

  • No Backerboard or Adhesive

    No Backerboard or Adhesive Panels install directly onto studs without adhesive


Wipes clean with ease.

  • Clean design

    Clean design Seams integrate into overall design for seamless look

  • Groutless Tile Look

    Groutless Tile Look Tile-inspired patterns deliver easy-to-clean, timeless style

  • Solid Nonporous Material

    Solid Nonporous Material Nonporous composition ensures surface simply wipes clean

  • High-Gloss Surface

    High-Gloss Surface High-gloss surface repels water and dirt

  • Clutter-Free Storage

    Clutter-Free Storage Integrated shelves provide ample storage space

  • Stain- and Scratch-Resistant

    Stain- and Scratch-Resistant Solid, nonporous composition resists stains and scratches


Stands up to daily life.

  • Structural Ribs

    Structural Ribs Molded into the bathing base, structural ribs eliminate bounce and give

  • Color Molded Throughout

    Color Molded Throughout There are no layers to chip or peel, and minor scratches won't show

  • One Solid Piece

    One Solid Piece One solid piece of composite material molded at pressures of 1,500 to 1,800 tons

  • Heat- and Stain-Resistant

    Heat- and Stain-Resistant Solid Vikrell in the kitchen resists high heat without burning or blistering

  • Warranty

    Warranty We guarantee Vikrell bathing fixtures with a 10-year consumer limited warranty and a 3-year commercial limited warranty.

    Kitchen sinks made of Vikrell material have a lifetime limited consumer warranty and a 3-year commercial limited warranty.

Indoor Air Quality


STERLING baths and sinks crafted of solid Vikrell® material are certified by the GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI), an organization that helps manufacturers create and buyers identify interior products and materials with low chemical emissions. This certification confirms products made of Vikrell comply with low volatile organic compounds emissions and meet California's strict indoor air quality standards.

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