Bathroom Comfort Trends

From getting ready for work each morning to unwinding with a hot bath after a stressful week, one thing is certain: Your bathroom is an integral part of your life. Along with being functional, it can also be a place for comfort and relaxation. Consider these trends.

1. Flexible-Track Shower Doors

When it comes to bath time, there’s nothing worse than resting your arms on rigid metal shower door tracks. They’re extremely uncomfortable and hard to clean. Make your experience more comfortable with the Meritor frameless and Prevail(R) framed sliding shower doors with ComforTrack(R) technology. It features a cushioned threshold that bends and gives, allowing you to sit or lean comfortably—perfect for bathing a pet or child.

2. Radiant-Heat Floors

If you have tiled bathroom floors, you’re no stranger to the shock of cold floors on bare feet—especially during the winter. One way that homeowners are dealing with this issue is by installing electric radiant-heat floors. An electrician and tile installer work together to lay heating cables interlaced with mesh mats, sandwiched between layers of thinset, and covered by ceramic, porcelain or stone tile. Some heating systems offer a programmable thermostat, which heats the floor for you before you even leave your bed.

With a modular design, the Ensemble Medley® bath/shower fits through doorways and around corners with ease, and it's lightweight enough to be carried by a single person.

3. Entertainment Systems

High-definition TVs and surround-sound systems are no longer just for the living room. Today’s best bathrooms are wired for media junkies, so you can watch the morning news while you shave, sing along to your favorite songs while you shower and never have to miss a minute of the big game again.