Every STERLING® stainless steel sink is manufactured with our patented SilentShield noise-deadening technology. SilentShield reduces noise from pots, pans, dishes and garbage disposals, so you can enjoy a little more peace and quiet in the kitchen.

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The Technology

SilentShield technology uses techniques originally developed for the automotive industry to quiet the engine noise and rattling from cars. Patented sound-absorbing pads reduce the vibrations from silverware, pots and pans and also minimizes the noise from the garbage disposal.

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Ludington Single Basin

The Ludington® kitchen sink gives your kitchen a professional feel with its contemporary design.

Find Your Sink - 20023-PC

Find Your Sink - 20023

McAllister Double Equal

The McAllister® kitchen sink features a classic, pared-down design for a clean look.

Find Your Sink - 11444-NA

Southhaven Double Equal

The Southhaven® kitchen sink brings style to its functionality with stainless steel construction and spacious double bowls.

Find Your Sink - 11850-3-NA