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Product # Dimensions Basin Type Spec & Install CAD Files
11445  18"x32"x8-1/4"  Double Basin    
11605  32"x18"x9"  Single Basin    
F11605  18"x32"x9"  Single Basin    
11722  26-7/16"x16-13/16"x9"  Single Basin    
11722-1  26-7/16"x20-7/16"x9"  Single Basin    
11722-3  26-7/16"x20-7/16"x9"  Single Basin    
11723  31-1/2"x20-1/2"x9"  Double Basin    
11723-1  31-1/2"x20-1/2"x9"  Double Basin    
11723-2  31-1/2"x20-1/2"x9"  Double Basin    
11724  31-1/2"x20-1/2"x9"  Double Basin    
11724-1  31-1/2"x20-1/2"x9"  Double Basin    
11724-2  31-1/2"x20-1/2"x9"  Double Basin    
SC2522SBG  25"x22"x8-3/8"  Single Basin    
SC3322DBG  33"x22"x8-3/8"  Double Basin    
11406  32"x18"x8-1/16"  Double Basin    
11409  18"x31-3/4" Left basin /20-3/4" Right basinx8"  Double Basin    
11409-L  31-3/4"xLeft basin: 18" / Right basin: 20-3/4"x8"  Double Basin    
11444  32"x18"x8-1/4"  Double Basin    
11447  24"x18"x8"  Single Basin    
11600  32"x18"x9"  Single Basin    
24738  24"x18"  Single Basin    
24765  32"x18"  Double Basin    
50200  23-5/8"x21"  Single Basin    
97447  24"x18"x8"  Single Basin    
UCL3322R  31-3/4"x17-1/2"x7"  Double Basin    
14631-3  25"x22"x6"  Single Basin    
14631-4  25"x22"x6"  Single Basin    
14633-3  33"x22"x6"  Double Basin    
14633-4  33"x22"x6"  Double Basin    
14707-3  33"x22"x7"  Double Basin    
14707-4  33"x22"x7"  Double Basin    
14708-3  33"x22"x8"  Double Basin    
14708-4  33"x22"x8"  Double Basin    
14710-3  25"x22"x7"  Single Basin    
14710-4  25"x22"x7"  Single Basin    
14711-3  25"x22"x8"  Single Basin    
14711-4  25"x22"x8"  Single Basin    
1042-1  33"x22"x9"  Double Basin    
1042-4  33"x22"x9"  Double Basin    
11400-3  33"x22"x6-1/2"  Double Basin    
11400-4  33"x22"x6-1/2"  Double Basin    
11401-3  33"x22"x7"  Double Basin    
11401-4  33"x22"x7"  Double Basin    
11402-3  33"x22"x8"  Double Basin    
11402-4  33"x22"x8"  Double Basin    
11403-3  25"x22"x6-1/2"  Single Basin    
11403-4  25"x22"x6-1/2"  Single Basin    
11404-3  25"x22"x7"  Single Basin    
11404-4  25"x22"x7"  Single Basin    
11405-3  25"x22"x8"  Single Basin    
11405-4  25"x22"x8"  Single Basin    
11850-3  33"x22"x8-1/2"  Double Basin    
11850-4  33"x22"x8-1/2"  Double Basin    
24912-3  33"x22"x8"  Single Basin    
24912-4  33"x22"x8"  Single Basin    
37047-3  33"x22"x9"  Single Basin    
37047-4  33"x22"x9"  Single Basin    
45987-3  33"x22"x9-1/4"  Single Basin    
R11850-4  33"x22"x8-1/2"  Double Basin    
Southhaven X® 
11855-3  33"x22"x8-1/2"  Double Basin    
11855-4  33"x22"x8-1/2"  Double Basin    
45987-4  33"x22"x9-1/4"  Single Basin    
Specialty Sink 
14619-4  19"x33"x6"  Double Basin    
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